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Reduce Cart Abandonment

Save time and increase profit: Show a discount & Email popup before visitors go away without buying and close the sale.

Exit-Intent Technology

Exit Popup tracks the cursor movements of your visitors in real-time. It detects when the visitor is leaving your website and shows Popup.

Mobile & Desktop Devices

Works on Desktop and Mobile (touch based devices). Several styles and custom backgrounds to make the popup look special and professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I give a discount code in the Popup?

Yes, when you create a new Popup, you can link it with an existing discount code in your store. The popup inherits the same configuration of the discount, for example: if your discount targets collection A, the Popup will be shown only if user is exiting from a page of product of collection A.

What if I want my Popup to be shown on all pages?

Just link the Popup with a discount targeting all products, the Popup will then be shown on all pages including non product pages such as home.

Is it possible to collect Emails via Exit Popup?

Yes, in the popup configuration, you can choose to hide the discount code and request the user to enter his Email address before showing the discount. All Email addresses are saved to your Shopify customers list under the tag of ‘leads’.