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PalSync is an approved Paypal partner

We are now part of Paypal partner program. Syncing for 2500+ stores for two years and counting.

Save time with Automation

Ensuring all your tracking info are submitted automatically to Paypal with just a few setup clicks with no possibility of human error.

Safe To Use

Palsync is completely safe to use. It is an approved app and works under secured PayPal and Shopify/Woocommerce API environments.

Gain PayPal Trust

By syncing your tracking information, you earn more of PayPal's trust ensuring your business being safe & secure.

Protect your business

Protecting your business starts from your Paypal account. Let us automate all Paypal’s seller protection requirements for you.

Now No Need To Worry About PayPal Holding Your Funds in The Reserve Anymore

Palsync offers one click automation, you set it up once and it will automatically synchronise tracking details between your Shopify store and your PayPal account.

Fewer Disputes & Charebacks

Reduce Reserves & Limitations

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Add Palsync now to your store.

Choose your platform and get 3 days for free. We are working hard to support more E-commerce platforms.

We appreciate our customers’ feedbacks!

We are proudly syncing for 2500+ stores, here’s what some of our customers say about us

Life saver app

My funds were held by Paypal for 21 days, then I found this app that automatically synced my orders. My funds were released immediately.


Highly recommended

I recommend this app for every store owner, it automates a lot of manual work, I also recommend it for the great support team working behind.


Easy and automated

I like how easy it is to set up this app, I'm using it for over a year now and never needed to open the settings page again.

For The Minimalist

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find answers to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

When my tracking info is Synced?

Once you mark your order as fulfilled in Shopify, the app will automatically detect it and extract necessary information such as Paypal transaction’s number, tracking number, shipping carrier.. and submit them to your Paypal account.

Can I use more than one Paypal account? how?

Yes, you can link unlimited number of Paypal accounts, when you fulfill you order, Synctrackinginfo will iterate through each one of your linked accounts and search for the transaction number, when it finds it, it will upload it to the appropriate Paypal account. This is more convenient compered to other apps where you need to manually enable your account to be considered when Syncing.

What the “Default carrier” option is used for?

Sometimes you work with carriers that aren’t listed in Shopify’s carriers list, in this case you select “Other” as carrier name, if your Default carrier value is set, then Synctrackinginfo will submit that value as carrier name in Paypal, otherwise it will submit “Other” as shiping company.