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Theme independent

Most apps work with only specified themes. RTLizer is theme independent and smartly process your store to provide RTL layout without affecting your theme files.

Multiple languages

You can still use your site in multiple languages, your layout is automatically switched only when displayed in an RTL language such us: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu..

Custom fonts

For each one of your store's languages, you can choose a custom Google font for that language to be displayed in. RTLizer automatically detect your languages and render the appropriate fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the app do?
  • Makes your store truly multi-langual by detecting the currently displayed language, and switch the layout from LTR (Left-To-Right) to RTL (Right-To-Left) for RTL languages such us: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu..
  • Allows you to activate a custom font for each installed language. You will be able to choose a font from your prefered Google fonts. Whenever your store is displayed in a given language, your selected Google font is loaded.
Why RTLizer is better?
  • Most other apps support only selected Themes from Shopify. This normally means work is done manually. RTLizer is theme independent and use smart algorithms to add RTL support to any theme (Shopify original themes and 3rd party themes).
  • RTLizer never change your original theme files, your store internals are kept safe, you can easily restore its original state simply by disabling or uninstalling the app.
  • You can choose a custom Google font for each installed language! Can you find another app that do this?
How does it work?

To enable RTL support:

  • Switch on “Activate RTL layout” toggle button. Activation is instant!

To disable RTL support:

  • Switch off “Activate RTL layout” toggle button.

To add custom font:

  • Select a language from the list.
  • Click “Change”.
  • A list of Google fonts is displayed.
  • Choose your prefered font.
  • Select another language and repeat for all your installed languages.
  • You can choose different fonts for body, buttons, headings..